Feb. 13th, 2017

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i mean i know raphael’s never coming back bc the showrunners are just as racist & sexist as the fans but

i like to think that if he DID he might actually approach cass with some understanding?

imagine raphael laying low for a bit instead of making an automatic power move, esp when he realizes cass is still alive

but then actually catching up on what cass has been doing, and trying to do, and what he’s been through and WHY

like i’m sure raphael could appreciate why cass opposed him after s5, even if he would not tolerate it, but even if he didn’t then i’m sure he could and if for once an archangel might be willing to shut up and listen for a bit they could do so much together, raphael has the experience that cass doesn’t, he’s the rock

just imagine the old power and the new will, and what they could do for each other and their family

at the very least, just imagine raphael being the one to finally offer cass sanctuary
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going through the fic adding music now and it pisses me off that

a) i can’t get ao3′s dewplayer to work even with a direct .mp3 link from dropbox?? am i doing it wrong?? so i’m using gdrive’s native player but it’s an iframe thing rather than an embed thing so ppl’s popup blockers might not let it through apparently

b) that i can’t make 1 song stop playing when i hit play on the next embedded song. like i’m sure that’d be a problem with dewplayer too but it means there are parts of the fic that really need music that i have to skip bc there’s a part RIGHT after that needs music even more so i have to pick my battles

like i could maybe learn audio editing or get some rips but i already have all these drawings to work on and i’m losing my fucking patience bc it’s been more than 2 years now and i REALLY wanna get this done asap b4 the hd rerelease at the end of march

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Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” for Balthazar’s first conduct, though.

you know what, grimes’ “realiti” also makes a pretty good second conduct for balthazar

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for those of you not following my main it FINALLY looks like i’ll be getting a tablet which means i will F I N A L L Y be able to draw again bc i can’t anymore on paper but i also can’t digitally if i’m not looking at my hand and it’s been ruining me for years bc drawing is always how i’ve coped with like,,,, everything

FINGERS CROSSED this works bc holy shit if i could even get my skills back up to where they were 10 years ago?????

listen i was never meant to be a writer, all my shit is in my head either in video or comic form and now i might actually be able to get all those comics out here to share and like???

i think i might actually be happy? hard to tell. but fingers crossed for soooooooooo much more calthazar, that’ll make me happy
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a baby hannah

her hair is purple because i mistook the pencil colour for auburn until it was Too Late but like

raise your hand if you can see 15 year old hannah dying her hair magenta in her first girlfriend’s bathtub


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