Jul. 3rd, 2017

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hey just for fun, who wants to brainstorm what kind of bones rito balthazar would have: birb, mammal, or both (if even possible)?

i’ve been reading about bird skeletons bc i thought, if bird boned, balthazar would be lighter and more fragile than cass but in fact! i am wrong on both counts!

bird bones are thinner (and rounder) than mammals’ BUT they are also much denser, making them stiffer and potentially stronger than ours

the higher density also closes the gap in weight, meaning cass & balthazar’s skeletons would weigh pretty much the same even if one is all mammal and the other all birb

i just wanna decide which one makes sense

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also trying to figure out the most likely way he’d bathe, at home and on the road
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lmao balthazar may be hard to draw but cass is fuckin impossible. this happens every single time too, why do i keep forgetting

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oh my god, i actually got them into the same??? fucking shot without one (cass) being wildly out of proportion. it has literally been years

and it only took me all goddamn day

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so i finished reading the baten kaitos lp and…………..i truly did not realize how much i’d forgotten about the story. i feel terrible cause it’s an all time fave but then again, i’ve only ever played it all the way through once (it’s VERY long)

anyways point being my character placement is all screwed up now lmao

like just for one example i remembered not one but TWO characters as dying who do not, in fact, die at all


which is great bc their deaths were pointless and i was gonna rewrite that, but then why did i think they died in the first place??

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(part one HERE)

Once you’ve crossed the Tanagar Canyon into the northwest of Hyrule, you’ve entered Rito territory. The temperate Tabantha region is their homestead, but they maintain the frigid Hebra mountains to the north as well.

Their largest village is quite vertical, the central roads built to wind around several enormous rock columns that rise out of Totori Lake. There are foot paths from the cliffs below for the sake of flightless travelers, but it’s a steep walk nonetheless

and unfortunately, horses do not hike, so Cass has to leave his at the stables below.

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