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actually i think this the first AU i’ve had where i can keep the original chars’ last names and they don’t sound so bad, i mean

• raphael aurion
• castiel brunel
• hannah wilder
• claire combatir
• naomi sage
• even balthazar irving doesn’t sound half bad

only ambriel and uriel need new ones so far and not because they sound off hrmmmm

I do need a new name for cass’ dad though, bc “frank” lol no. also his mum who didn’t exist(??) in the game, pls help

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right, so, tales of symphonia au.

i’ve kind of mashed genis & lloyd into one character who is now balthazar. i haven’t finished the game yet, so i hope that holds up.

cass is collette obv

naomi is raine, but she’s not from iselia, she’s prob a professor hired from palmacosta academy or something along with

raphael, who is kratos, duh. a mercenary who was deliberately hired beforehand by the village to escort cass.

ftr, i just reached ozette for the first time, or rather, i’m just leaving for the first time, bout to head to altessa’s place.

the tethe’alla gang is giving me more trouble, like

i think hannah makes a good sheena? and claire for presea probably?

but who is zelos? and regal? and like all of the villains, i really don’t know…

too many people. maybe i’m in over my head but the story has so much potential? it’s like stelglow that way

also, what’s a good, non-appropriative alternative for “mana”?


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