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speaking of bk au: i originally had hannah in gibari’s place bc then she’d join the team fairly early on and i had just decided on jody for savyna

but honestly it works better the other way around. gibari was the dad friend anyways and while hannah isn’t as surly as savyna (i assume anyway), neither is jody, and that’s a characterization issue not a plot issue

i mean i already put cass in kalas’ place so

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trying to do justice by hannah’s hair is the bane of my productivity
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a baby hannah

her hair is purple because i mistook the pencil colour for auburn until it was Too Late but like

raise your hand if you can see 15 year old hannah dying her hair magenta in her first girlfriend’s bathtub

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okay listen i gotta go to bed but i just bought grimes’ “art angels” album and so far? this is literally the soundtrack to cass saying goodbye to dean and hitting the open sky with balthazar and hannah 4ever after

special mention goes to:

  • flesh without blood

  • california

  • venus fly

  • butterfly

  • realiti (balthazar pov –> cass)

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you gotta hate how s/pn fandom’s “proof” that raphael & hannah or even all the angels are nonbinary

is literally nothing but their own ignorance of trans/nb-ness. their diehard cissexism IS their proof

but hey, they will scrape the bottom of any possible barrel to claim their show is progressive

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“Balthazar!” Cass called, waving him down to a short stack of crates with a small, white and brown bag tossed on top.

“This was in the bag…” Cass looked uneasy as he handed Balthazar a card.

“Hey–!” Santa grabbed it from him, glaring at it; her picture was on it, as though it were a trading card.

“Ah, you noticed,” Ace approached them, two cards in hand. “These were in the bags under the stairs.”

“Quatre,” Balthazar murmured, “and…Duo.”

They were silent for a moment, until Cass spoke up, tugging at his sleeves.

“When were these taken…?” he asked slowly. “How long has Zero been watching us…?”

“It’s just a headshot,” Santa muttered. “I can’t even tell what I’m wearing, or I’d maybe be able to guess the when.”

Balthazar glanced about the room, scattered with the small bags. One of them, no doubt, would hold his own photo…and Castiel’s. They resumed their search rather chilled.

The bags, only four in total, were exhausted soon enough, leaving them to pry open every crate and barrel within reach to find all nine cards.

Balthazar and Castiel heaved the lid off a large box to the right of the entryway, and there they were, laying eerily side by side.

Castiel watched, face full of concern, as Balthazar slowly lifted the card with his own photo.

Balthazar bit back a shudder, wracking his brain for something less than completely alarmed to say.

“At least they got my good side,” he muttered, turning the card over as though it interested him only casually. It was weak, but Cass seemed relieved, leaning into the crate for his own photo.

“Well?” he held it out to Balthazar, his tone expectant.

Balthazar blinked.

“…well?” he tilted his head. Cass frowned at him.

“Did they get my good side?”

Balthazar laughed. “Oh, dear, you don’t have a bad side.”

Cass smiled, satisfied.

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like actually a xenoblade au would start with balthazar, hannah, and uriel of the colony 9 defence force being sent to the head of bionis to find the high entia, because mechonis has awoken and seems poised to strike bionis at any time, and if bionis even partially collapses it’ll be the people below the knees (ie the colonies) who are suddenly, uh, drowned

and the high entia are the ones rumoured to be able to awaken bionis in order to fight back so

but balthazar storms off in a huff at suddenly being ordered to climb to the top of the known fucking universe

so commander vandham or whoever is like, “guess he’s not going” and hannah’s like, “no he’s going, just watch”

she and uriel pop in on him later that night and balthazar’s on the floor furiously cramming his secret life’s worth of research on the high entia into his bags. like he’s been on the defence force instead of in research because it lets him travel further to find more artifacts and also is less conspicuous when he nicks them from the research division

and hannah’s like, “you can’t take everything”


so they spend the night divvying up all his shit to carry with balthazar snapping “no DON’T touch that!” at them every other minute
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Balthazar straightened up as well, but a sizzling sound from just behind him caught his attention.

Cass had lain his frozen pork prize on the grill and was contentedly cooking it, turning it over with the handle of a ladle he had snatched from the nearby stand.

“I still don’t think we’ll be able to pull the paper out,” he told Balthazar. “We just need to be able to cut the meat a little.”

“Cut… ah-” Balthazar retrieved the large knife from the table by the entrance and approached Lotus and Santa.

“We need to sharpen this,” he explained. “Any ideas?”

Lotus glanced down at the counter in between them.

“Isn’t that a whetstone right there?”

“What do you do that you recognize a whetstone on sight?” Santa asked for both of them. Lotus smirked at her before offering the block to Balthazar.

“Do you know how to use it?”

Balthazar shook his head and handed her the rusty knife. Skillful and efficient, the drew the knife over and over across the stone, grinding the rust away bit by bit.

“This is still old,” she said as she finished, “but you could cut something soft with it, I’m sure.”

“Like undercooked pork?” he asked. Lotus gave him a curious look, then followed his gaze to Castiel, waving them over to the grill.

“Watch your fingers,” he warned, gently gripping the tag as Balthazar cut through the meat.

rereading part 2 chaps and “frozen pork prize” is still my favourite line
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The monitor had powered up, the screen glowing white for several seconds before fading into…

“…I’m not sure what this is,” muttered Balthazar, with Ace looking over his shoulder.

The screen showed a grid, with a number of brown and grey tiles standing out. To the middle left was a single, yellow tile with a red dot at its center, and the entire right column was made up of similar, paler yellow tiles. In the top right corner was an icon shaped like a coffin, and in the top left sat the words “Moves 50/50”.

“It’s the control panel for…that,” Santa, with an odd smile on her face, pointed to the ground floor past the fence.

Suddenly, the grid on the monitor made perfect sense. He hadn’t been able to tell from eye level, but the wooden crates and metal boxes behind the fence were arranged exactly as the tiles on the screen. Only an odd, yellow device with a red bulb on its head stood out.

“And what is…that?

Santa and Castiel began to laugh, looking down at a stiff piece of paper Santa held in her hands. She cleared her throat authoritatively, laughed again, and straightened up to speak.

“It’s the Pushmaster 5000.”


Santa broke down, weakly pushing the card into Balthazar’s hands as Cass clutched her arm, trying to stifle his laughter with his sleeve.

the pushmaster 5000, available NOW for the low, low price of

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“There’s something other than boxes over there,” Santa said, “but I want a closer look.”

“I’ll go with you,” Cass insisted.

“Sure,” Ace agreed. “I think Balthazar and I can manage somehow.”

Balthazar huffed a small laugh as he knelt, but no sooner had he started than he was startled by a crash.


Santa’s voice rang out from behind a tall stack of crates. Shoving his cards into Ace’s hands, Balthazar leapt to his feet and dashed to the fence.

Cass was on his feet, at least, brushing the knees of his leggings with an irritated look. His head snapped up as Balthazar rounded the corner, and he drew his shoulders back indignantly.

“I’m fine! I just tripped on these f–” he waved his arm at the innumerable boxes littering the room, “–…crates.”

Balthazar said nothing for a moment. Cass’ eyes were clear, it was true, and his face was no more - or less - red than when they’d left the engine room.

“Santa saw it,” Castiel insisted, assuming Balthazar was simply unconvinced. “Ask her.”

For her part, Santa looked startled to be called as a witness.

“I wasn’t exactly watching…” she started, “but…yeah, I think he did just trip.”

Cass nodded vigorously, turning back to Balthazar, who couldn’t help a relieved chuckle.

“I’m glad,” he said. “Really. But…do tell me if your fever comes back. …please.”

Perhaps still embarrassed, Cass nodded again and quickly walked around them, back to Ace. Balthazar watched him disappear, trying, really, not to be too concerned.

balthazar you wanna be his boyfriend or his grandma
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my hannah char in 7th dragon iii has this pre-emptive aoe attack that can trigger at the start of battle and is so fucking powerful she can ohko most monsters

#she also has an auto revenge attack if either cass or balthazar goes down #actually it's balthazar & hannah who complement each other best #cass is the odd man out but it's okay cause he punches things extra hard

i didn’t even realize but…..balthazar’s air assault is just as strong, even though he’s the weakest in terms of raw attack power

that makes cass the strongest and yet the only one without aoe attacks

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i’m so, so tired, but today i wrote 1000 words of balthazar, cass, and hannah being nerds and building a dry ice bomb
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one day, after balthazar has been making dinner for cass & hannah for a while, they start joking about having a pizza party and balthazar’s like, “sounds like fun! i’ll get started~”

and they’re like “no, no, a pizza party is a time for greasy takeout, your food is just too good”

so balthazar humphs and pouts a little but then he’s like, “no wait, life is all about trying new things. i’m going to do this, i’m going to make you the BEST terrible, greasy pizza you’ve ever had!”

first, he interviews them both about what exactly makes the best terrible, greasy pizza

hannah’s like, “when it all runs down your chin with every bite, and also stuffed crusts”

cass’ like, “i remember this pizza place when i was little where the sauce was always gray instead of red, and i never figured it out but it was delicious”

balthazar just nods and takes it all down carefully in his fancy notebook

then they’re off to the supermarket to buy ingredients, touring the freezer section so balthazar can make a “character study” of the frozen pizzas and ask deep, searching questions like, “what would you say is the essence of delissio?”

back home in the kitchen, cass & hannah cheer him on as balthazar tries desperately to subdue his instincts. “MORE PLEBEIAN”, they yell every time he reaches for too-fancy cheese

(they’re filming all of this btw)

finally, when it’s in the oven, balthazar looks so pleased like, “this is going to be excellent. here, go set the table,” and cass & hannah are like, “what table?”

cause it’s not a pizza party unless you’re sprawled out in the living room with a cheesy movie for entertainment

(balthazar has so many cheesy movies actually he seems to have every movie he only keeps his favourites upstairs tho the first time cass saw his whole collection he was like 'i didn't realize you were the national film archives' now he has a plaque on the door)
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Balthazar & Hannah comparing pics of Cass falling asleep on them like, “who wore it better?”
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hi hello please imagine cass & balthazar & hannah all together on the couch, doing their own things, except their legs are all folded over each other in an outstretched heap propped up on the coffee table

and hannah’s gaming and eventually cass puts down his book so they can pokémon battle, and they’re laughing and booping each other with their toes

and balthazar’s on his phone running 7 apps at once and taking pics of them until the whole thing crashes, and everyone gets jostled and knee-punched when he shakes & swears at it

& it’s the 4th time it’s happened in an hour, so cass & hannah just lose it, take his phone, and sit on him instead
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cass telling hannah more stories like

“but he only really gets drunk on new year’s eve, so i have to make the most of it”

flashback to balthazar, crying, belting out “my heart will go on” while cass accompanies him on recorder

“yooou’re heeeeeere, there’s nooooOOOTHING I FEEEAR”

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uggggggggh why couldn’t i have lost my patience with spn after hannah left?

like i never want to see 10x22 and i give no fucks abt s11 but!!!

if you didn't know i stopped watching 1/2way through s8 except for 8x21 bc balthazar mention i also regret not finishing naomi's run on the show but here we are
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actually i think this the first AU i’ve had where i can keep the original chars’ last names and they don’t sound so bad, i mean

• raphael aurion
• castiel brunel
• hannah wilder
• claire combatir
• naomi sage
• even balthazar irving doesn’t sound half bad

only ambriel and uriel need new ones so far and not because they sound off hrmmmm

I do need a new name for cass’ dad though, bc “frank” lol no. also his mum who didn’t exist(??) in the game, pls help


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