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maybe she’ll write some fic for a change

hey that’s not bad

my cat is helping with the next update just fyi

we’re collaborating on this one too

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The Man Who Would Be King (Supernatural, 2011)

i heard there were deleted scenes with balthazar in 6x20 so i thought i’d recreate them

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cass jokingly castigating balthazar about leaving him alone as he’s on his way out to a party

“you’re not alone!” balthazar protests, pointing to the cats. “you’re having a night in with your children”

balthazar.” says cass sternly. he smirks. “our children”
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Castiel: Kitten of the Lord, Ep 3

Today’s episode got a smidge long, so click the pic to see it on AO3!
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Local fluffer bubby regrets recent growth spurt after spat with boyfriend over comfort level of kitchen dustbin.”
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Remember that one ep where Cass was turned into a tiny kitten?

And instead of changing himself back right away, took Balthazar’s mostly joking advice of using it as a holiday?

That was my favourite ep. I’ll cap more when I get a chance.
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He says that like it isn’t every day. When “time is fluid,” there are infinite hours for cats!
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You really cannot tell me there’s any universe where Cass has a phone that Balthazar hasn’t put Neko Atsume on.

Pick literally any one. Canon? Human? French Revolution? Doesn’t matter.

Cass -> phone -> “that cat game I’m sure you’ll love”

Balthazar asking him eventually if there’s actually an ending to it?

“Cats are forever, Balthazar.”
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I’ve got a real calthazar + cats theme going lately, so consider this:

Cass and Balthazar live in ground floor apartments facing each other across an alleyway. They both have indoor/outdoor cats that leave in the morning and come home at night.

Their cats seem to be item.

Every day they greet each other in the alley, nuzzling, tails brushing, and wander off together. They’re still joined at the hip when they return, and the neighbours often report walking by them snuggled up somewhere.

And every day Cass and Balthazar’s eyes meet across the alleyway; they give each other knowing winks and smiles and pretend their only interest in each other is through their cats.

Late one night, there’s a knock at Balthazar’s door. A quick peek says it’s Cass, cat in his arms.

Is this it? Balthazar wonders. Has he come on the pretext of letting the cats play, so Balthazar can invite him in for a drink “while we wait,” and they can finally get to know each other?

Except when he opens the door, Cass doesn’t look happy.

Excuse me,” he says haughtily. “I was unaware your cat wasn’t neutered.”


Cass’ cat is pregnant.

“W-what’s that look for?!” Balthazar stammers. “I didn’t know your cat wasn’t spayed!”

Cass doesn’t flinch.

At least Balthazar still gets to invite him in?

#balthazar’s the only one with a car     #so he does all the driving to vet’s appointments     #the first time he picks cass up     #cass has the exact same haughty expression on his face     #‘is that really necessary?’ balthazar asks     #'no’ says cass     #smiling primly     #'i just like making this face. it’s fun.’     #cass was understandably concerned that balthazar might try to shaft him     #(not in a good way)     #now that that’s cleared up he is very excited     #for KITTENS
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Apartment AUs: Someone keeps printing out cute cat pictures/messages on my wireless printer and I’m determined to find out whom.

It’s Cass. He and Balthazar are acquaintances already, they chat whenever they run into each other, but Cass wants to ask Balthazar out. He doesn’t know how, though, so this is him flirting.

Balthazar, at least, seems to be enjoying himself. He keeps Cass abreast of the chase, of course, while Cass wonders every time what he should do.

Wait to be caught? Or confess?


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