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lmao balthazar may be hard to draw but cass is fuckin impossible. this happens every single time too, why do i keep forgetting

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maybe she’ll write some fic for a change

hey that’s not bad

my cat is helping with the next update just fyi

we’re collaborating on this one too

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not even done one basic picture and i’m already dreaming of more complicated poses
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me: i wanna talk about this new AU but i NEED a pic to go with it. what can i draw relatively quickly?
my shitfuck brain: how bout a simple bust in an art style you've only ever failed at and a complicated shading technique
my shitfuck brain: it'll look P H E N O M E N A L if you ever get it done
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i don’t even follow anyone watching spn anymore and it’s not on my dash so i WISH i could say i’m not affected but like

i was already having the worst fucking couple of weeks and now i feel awful all over again

i’d love to post something positive but i’m having trouble focusing. any requests?

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like just in case it isn’t clear, i would LOVE to hear thoughts & get questions especially about my AUs. many of them were developed by emailing a friend and hearing back. now it’s just me wrestling my own brain

idk just if anyone thought these posts were supposed to be hands off, viewing only, that’s really not true at all

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for those of you not following my main it FINALLY looks like i’ll be getting a tablet which means i will F I N A L L Y be able to draw again bc i can’t anymore on paper but i also can’t digitally if i’m not looking at my hand and it’s been ruining me for years bc drawing is always how i’ve coped with like,,,, everything

FINGERS CROSSED this works bc holy shit if i could even get my skills back up to where they were 10 years ago?????

listen i was never meant to be a writer, all my shit is in my head either in video or comic form and now i might actually be able to get all those comics out here to share and like???

i think i might actually be happy? hard to tell. but fingers crossed for soooooooooo much more calthazar, that’ll make me happy


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