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chasingparallax asked:

((FINALE SPOILERS)): I like to imagine Cas and Balthazar meeting up in the place wherever meetings of the Dead Angels' Society are held, spotting each other from across the room, and first sharing a long and knowing look that is equal parts remorse and gratitude...

oh my god cass is dead again. i mean it was only a matter of time, but. jesus.

i’m sorry, i used to think a lot about cass & balthazar meeting post s6. in fact, it’s one of the first ever calthazar posts on my main (and you already found ensardens’ beautiful post). i wish i could appreciate this image more right now but now i’m just scared they’ll actually bring balthazar back

thanks so much for the message tho, really ♥

[EDIT] as an aside, i had to look up s12 info to answer this ofc, and i had the immense pleasure of reading the phrase “castiel knocks sam and dean out” in reference to the previous episode
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serious question: if i want a middle-aged john w!michael to be recognizable without initially being named

do i draw jeffrey dean morgan or an older matt cohen?

is there any kind of precedent here i can work off?

i think you’re right. as long as i can draw a recognizable matt cohen/young john an older version shouldn’t be a problem

plus like, all the other characters are spn angels so it’s not like anyone’s gonna wonder if it’s michael or john. in fact drawing jdm in that context might be more confusing


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endiness replied to your post “ACTUALLY HANG ON A MINUTE why is cass balthazar’s brother, but…”
idk if it’s a reference to anything, but i always thought it was balthazar’s way of like denoting that raphael is older than him. or like higher up in the celestial chain of command than he is.

if it’s not a godfather ref then i’m sure you’re exactly right.

i just hadn’t actually stopped. and thought about it until now, and it’s making me laugh in light of s11/amara.

well actually, now that i think about it, my guess would be it’s also a ref to michael stepping in as father and raphael’s relation to him.
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endiness replied to your post “okay but Raphael asking Balthazar why he fights with twin swords…”

this is giving me even more feels taking the meaning of balthazar’s name into account


let me just pretend it means the same thing in ancient aselian or w/e goodbyeeeee


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