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Apartment AUs: Someone keeps printing out cute cat pictures/messages on my wireless printer and I’m determined to find out whom.

It’s Cass. He and Balthazar are acquaintances already, they chat whenever they run into each other, but Cass wants to ask Balthazar out. He doesn’t know how, though, so this is him flirting.

Balthazar, at least, seems to be enjoying himself. He keeps Cass abreast of the chase, of course, while Cass wonders every time what he should do.

Wait to be caught? Or confess?
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I have every single one of these Apartments AUs stuck in my head, because they’re all winners. Consider the dubstep one.

Cass waiting for a rare moment of silence to knock on Balthazar’s door.

“Would you turn the music down, please. I can hear it upstairs.”

I’m so sorry,” Balthazar says. “I didn’t realize someone had moved in upstairs.”

“What about the people living next to you? Or the next floor down?” Cass asks incredulously.

“Oh, there’s no one,” Balthazar answers. “They moved out because the music’s too loud.”

He smiles sweetly. Cass’ glare deepens.

“I will not move.”

The battle of wills begins.


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