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spn au where everything’s the same except the opening loop from sexyback plays whenever balthazar talks, à la ygo abridged

but only cass can hear it

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The Man Who Would Be King (Supernatural, 2011)

i heard there were deleted scenes with balthazar in 6x20 so i thought i’d recreate them

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i mean i know raphael’s never coming back bc the showrunners are just as racist & sexist as the fans but

i like to think that if he DID he might actually approach cass with some understanding?

imagine raphael laying low for a bit instead of making an automatic power move, esp when he realizes cass is still alive

but then actually catching up on what cass has been doing, and trying to do, and what he’s been through and WHY

like i’m sure raphael could appreciate why cass opposed him after s5, even if he would not tolerate it, but even if he didn’t then i’m sure he could and if for once an archangel might be willing to shut up and listen for a bit they could do so much together, raphael has the experience that cass doesn’t, he’s the rock

just imagine the old power and the new will, and what they could do for each other and their family

at the very least, just imagine raphael being the one to finally offer cass sanctuary
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okay listen i gotta go to bed but i just bought grimes’ “art angels” album and so far? this is literally the soundtrack to cass saying goodbye to dean and hitting the open sky with balthazar and hannah 4ever after

special mention goes to:

  • flesh without blood

  • california

  • venus fly

  • butterfly

  • realiti (balthazar pov –> cass)

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Cass leans heavily against the door frame, trying to speak while he’s still upright.

“I need…your help-…” it’s almost a whisper.

“Of course– of course, Cass-” Balthazar reaches out, pleading. There’s nothing he can do until Castiel releases him from the circle, and Cass is rapidly dying. Balthazar can see the welts all across his body, burning him like a fever.

Castiel lurches forward, sinking to the floor without support. As Balthazar kneels, pressing as close as the barrier will allow, Cass reaches out, dragging two bloodstained fingers through the line of sigils.

The cell is opened.

“…please…run…” Cass lays his cheek on the stone floor, hugging his knees against the pain as millions upon millions of souls tear at his insides. “…warn the others…keep them safe…”

He gasps as his ribs splinter. “…please, Balthazar…” If he dies here, at least, he hopes, they die with him. “I-I can’t-…”

But Balthazar doesn’t run. He pulls Cass into his lap and holds him gently, laying his Grace over them both like a blanket.

“It’s all right,” he murmurs, soothing. “It’s all right, Cass. I can.”

how about a 6x22 au where cass imprisons balthazar instead of killing him, and goes to him for help instead in 7x01

balthazar stands with him during the second ritual, helping cass stay up with his arms around his waist. the rush of souls almost burns his hands right off, but it works

and afterwards, he lays cass down in bed for a nice, long rest
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cass did, reluctantly, allow pictures of himself to be taken right after he left that night. they’re in a folder in an envelope at the bottom of his duffel and he hates having to carry them around

he really hopes to someday trust balthazar again enough to ask him to hold onto them without ever looking at them, but then he beats himself up about whether or not that’s fairpart 2 )
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Now almost 30, Balthazar and Castiel meet for the first time since their teens, when Castiel’s parents forcibly separated them by sending Castiel to a school far away.

The road to their reunion began eight months earlier, when Castiel, bleeding and shaken, picked himself off the floor and walked out of his home of seven long years.

The finished version.
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okay but cass saying “no”

cass learning to say “no”

without having to equivocate, or bargain, or give his life story to explain why

without flinching, or having to look down, or make himself small

cass gaining confidence and admitting it feels good to say “no,” then blushing like, “i don’t mean i’m doing it intentionally”

but balthazar just laughs and like

gets him a tshirt

cass’ like, “what am i supposed to do with this?”

but every so often balthazar wanders back into the bedroom in the morning, to see cass, all bundled up in blankets, wearing the NO shirt, looking a little meh for wear

and balthazar’s like, “ah, i see. the day has been surrendered to netflix and digging potato chip crumbs out of every crevice. very well, i accept” and he dives right in
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i do so love balthazar’s passive-aggressive total dismissiveness when dealing with people he doesn’t like (”you two were such an adequate stick, thank you”)

like just imagine dean confronting cass postseparation, and balthazar very politely tapping him on the shoulder

“who the hell are you?” cause dean’s never seen this guy before in his life

“good afternoon, i’m room service,” says balthazar, with a very courteous bow. “i’m here to take out the trash”
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Cass arrives for dinner in the same oversized-hoodie-and-jeans combo he’d been wearing for coffee, and seems embarrassed for it when Balthazar answers the door in a crisp button-up (not all the way up).

“Oops,” he murmurs, very deliberately, rallying himself at least enough to joke.

“Wrong address?” Balthazar teases, ushering Cass inside.

Castiel enters slowly, craning his neck to look all around with the minimum of steps taken, as though he might reconsider staying at all.

“Sorry I’m underdressed,” he mumbles distractedly, peering into the living room.

“Now, now,” Balthazar coos. “Given I’m the one who can run and change, why don’t we agree I’m overdressed?”

Cass glances back over his shoulder, uncertain, then gives in to a soft laugh. “Sure.”

Encouraged, Balthazar offers him a slight bow. “May I take your coat, my dear?”

A slier glance, and Cass hums lowly, as though deep in thought.

“Hmm, you know, I’m not even sure I can afford to eat in a place like this,” he sighs, feigning bashfulness as he stares at his hands.

“Oh, not to worry, darling. It’s on the house,” Balthazar assures him. “The chef is quite taken with you. He send his compliments,” he adds, with an airy wave of his hand.

“His compliments on…?”

Balthazar offers only a sweetly suggestive smirk. “His compliments.”

A real smile spreads slowly over Cass’ face, until he looks away again, as though too embarrassed to laugh in front of Balthazar.

“What?” Balthazar calls, chuckling. “Have I changed too much?”

Cass scoffs, then does laugh.

“Or not at all, perhaps?”

Castiel turns and fixes Balthazar with a truly fond smile. “It’s not changed, so much as…” He thumbs his lower lip thoughtfully. “You’re just…more.”

“More…?” Balthazar raises an eyebrow expectantly, but Castiel gives only a very familiar, cheeky smirk.

“More,” he repeats softly.

“Oh, my.”

i’m really happy with this part in theory

i just don’t know if i’m getting the tone across right? it’s so cute but i’m a movie maker at heart, so i can see & hear it but i’m always too verbose when it comes to putting words to paper.
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Castiel: Kitten of the Lord, Ep 3

Today’s episode got a smidge long, so click the pic to see it on AO3!
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Local fluffer bubby regrets recent growth spurt after spat with boyfriend over comfort level of kitchen dustbin.”
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I’ve been spending the last eight months thinking all love ever does is break and burn and end, but on a Wednesday in a cafe I watched it begin again. (human calthazar au)

Reblogging again because post-Destiel Calthazar AUs for the win.

Consider Balthazar:

- complimenting Cass’ foresight on living in motels because you can leave quickly anytime

- and also offering to help him find a secure apartment when he’s ready

- cooking for Cass/pre-cutting food and ingredients so Cass doesn’t have to handle knives so much

- covering for Cass at other people’s homes when questions get too personal/judgemental or when there are certain rooms he can’t go into

- asking what Cass likes in bed and laughing with him when Cass says he has no fucking clue, he just knows what he absolutely cannot stand anymore

- not threatening grievous bodily harm against Dean “if he ever comes around” cause Cass is DONE with that hypermasculine horseshit

- post-nightmare/flashback soothing and cuddles as necessary

- one million rewatches of Cosmos for distraction

- “Are you all right?”

Lord Almightly how I could go on.

Basically just consider Balthazar being the anti-Dean because that’s what he WAS in canon it just WASN’T SUPPOSED TO BE A GOOD THING L M F A O
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Remember that one ep where Cass was turned into a tiny kitten?

And instead of changing himself back right away, took Balthazar’s mostly joking advice of using it as a holiday?

That was my favourite ep. I’ll cap more when I get a chance.
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He says that like it isn’t every day. When “time is fluid,” there are infinite hours for cats!
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Or maybe Cas just removed his Grace from the middle of his chest instead of his neck.

It never leaves his side. He wouldn’t dream of putting it away, even if, sometimes, its weight seems unbearable.

When things are toughest, he sits with it, holding it in his hands.

Please… he wants to ask. I need your help.

But, surely, he can’t possibly still have that right.

So he doesn’t dare ask, not for help, nor advice, even though he knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Balthazar would give it.
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au: cas and balthazar were lovers until heaven found out and erased their memories.

Oh no, you did the saddest thing.

What if it were a human!AU, though? What if some rogue member of intelligence began to reject the idea of fate and, as an experiment, picked a pair of human lovers at random and separated them, erasing their memories of each other entirely, to test whether or not they would find each other again.

Time and time again, through seeming coincidence, Castiel and Balthazar meet and fall in love, each time enraging this one angel, who promptly re-erased their memories and continued to separate them by greater and greater distances.

However, the more this angel messes with their human minds, the more memories slip through the cracks; humans were never meant to be manipulated in this manner, after all. Soon Castiel and Balthazar start searching for each other, for someone they don’t know, but seem to remember remembering, someone they see in snippets of dreams.

Eventually, the frustrated rogue angel is caught at their experiment, and Naomi, as head of intelligence, undoes as much of the mess as she can, erasing the humans’ memories one final time.

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Heaven stabilizes eventually. It’s the former Intelligence division that finally pulls it off; their officers rotate leadership positions - and Naomi’s office - in an effort to offset the old totalitarianism.

The prison is demolished, executions abolished; they’ve lost far, far too many already. Angels who fall out of line now are invited to partake in an artificial sleep, to rest deeply for the duration of their sentence, their Grace loosely connected to their siblings, allowing their subconscious to partake in the uplifting restoration process nonetheless.

Castiel is invited to rest, after all he’s done. He dodges it for a time, hiding out on Earth for several decades. Then, abruptly, he reappears, warmly acquiescent.

Centuries pass before Heaven faces anything like the Apocalyptic crises of ages past. When the angels, even as a united front, are finally at a loss, they plead with the current Leader to wake their elders.

They remember Armageddon!” they cry. “They remember the Archangels!”

Facing ruin, the order is given. Of all those at rest, only Castiel is woken, and asked if he will serve another mission for Heaven.

He smiles. “Of course I want to help.”

“What do you need?” they ask him, but Castiel doesn’t answer at first. He flies. He takes in every corner of Heaven, new and old. He discovers the Phantom Engine.

It’s powerful magic, he’s told. Even a sliver of Grace can produce a vision of a departed sibling; an echo. Vivid, but temporary.

Castiel visits Earth. Not to hide, but as the first step in his mission. He searches far and wide for places forever burned into his mind, but nearly lost to time. A former parking lot. A roadside. A desolate spot in the woods where a cabin once stood. Several warehouses, one still standing.

When he returns to Heaven, he sets a list on the Leader’s desk. “There’s only one thing I need to complete this mission,” he says.

“My old garrison.”


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