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Balthazar: France, late 1700s // Castiel: Italy, late 1400s

(Hairstyles not included.)

I like to pretend that my historical AUs have some noble purpose, like: “Something very interesting happened then, let’s add these losers into the mix.”

I finally have to admit that it’s more like: “Wow, that’s a nice hat! Wear it, loser.”

Basically, I love period fashion, and if I can’t wear it, I’ll make sure someone does. Guess who’s always handy (and handsome)?

(But then I realized that whatever the time period, they’re just going to be naked in ten minutes anyways, and I’m left standing over the bed like:

Wear the hat.”)

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Robbing the nobility was fun until the Revolution; now everybody’s at it, like they don’t have any better jobs.

Oh wait.

I’m also amazed it took me this long to come up with an AU in which Balthazar is actually, you know, a thief.


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