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deadman wonderland has one (1) redeeming feature and that is the Aesthetic

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Ten seconds left on the clock.

Cass and Balthazar are the only ones remaining, the ball safely in Cass’ hands. One last pass and Balthazar’s life will be saved.

Three seconds left, and the floor disappears under Cass’ feet, sending him into the pit.

“Balthazar, catch!” Triumphant smile on his face, he makes the final pass as he falls.

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welp the shading on balthazar needs to be completely redone, but he definitely looks more proportional than yesterday

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i was rereading the end of deadman wonderland (bc i hate myself obv) and a really neat scene that i thought was in the original manga, was actually something i came up with?

anyways it’s been a shitty, shitty day, but i feel a little bit clever now so

two things actually, what fuck

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i wanted to draw something “quickly” for once, cause i was getting so frustrated with the other one, but it’s already been 8 days and i’m not even close. if i can’t get it done by thursday it’ll have to wait til next week at least lmao

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“Does it always get this hot?” Cass wrinkles his nose.

“Only if you’re wearing a sweater,” Balthazar doesn’t look up from the boiling pot.

“You’re sweating.”

“Well, it’s worth it.”

“If I got that hot even cooking my meal,” Cass observes distastefully, “I wouldn’t be able to stomach eating it, too. I need an ice cream just watching you.”

“If you made your ice cream,” Balthazar smirks, “you’d be too cold to eat it.”

“I’m wearing a sweater.”

Balthazar looks up at Cass. “Do you want to make ice cream?”

Maybe, thinks Balthazar, he’s finally caught Cass’ interest.

Cass slowly tilts his head as he mulls it over, his heels gently tapping the cupboard under the counter he’s perched on.Read more... )
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“Your mother…”

Cass starts slowly, sitting cross-legged and staring at Balthazar’s cards as he sorts them.

“She must have been to magic users what my grandfather was to engineers, but I’ve never…heard of anyone like that.”

He frowns. “Who was she?”

Eyes on his cards, Balthazar smiles wryly.

“Who are you?” That’s Cass’ real question, but they’ve already asked, and lied, to each other, so he has to find another way.

Then again, what Cass and the others saw today was unheard of. No one in the sky can command the elements the way Balthazar did. Not even the School of Magic can impart such power.

Maybe Cass really is just stunned, letting his awe get the better of his curiousity. Balthazar decides to give him the benefit of the doubt.


Balthazar lifts his head, meeting Cass’ tentative expression.

“‘Unless’…?” he prods, raising his eyebrows. Cass’ next question might clear up his intentions.

“Are you…” Cass asks, “…a Child of the Earth?”

Balthazar blinks, then laughs.

“Oh, no, no,” he shakes his head. “I can tell you that much. I have heartwings, don’t I?”

Cass actually looks surprised.

“Then how–”

“Now, Cassie,” Balthazar chides him affectionately, waving a finger. “If I answer that, you know you have to do the same.”

Cass shuts his mouth abruptly and rolls his eyes, then sighs softly.

“Sorry,” he offers, “it was just so incredible, I-”

“I know.”

Packing away his cards, Balthazar meets his eyes sympathetically. “And…I wish I could tell you. I wish we actually knew each other. Don’t you?”

Cass glances away, eyes falling to the ground. “I might, if I didn’t like you.”

Balthazar tilts his head, taken aback.

But, then again…

“No, I understand,” he says quietly. Cass looks up at him strangely. Balthazar forces a smile, and shrugs.

“Who hides a happy story, right?”


In the silence, Balthazar holds out his hand.

“Someday,” he says. “Someday, we’ll tell each other everything. Promise?”

Cass stares at Balthazar’s hand. He can’t really know what he’s offering, can he? to say such a thing.

Or, worse, maybe he can.

“Someday…” says Cass, “we might not be friends anymore.”

Still, he takes Balthazar’s hand.

“I promise.”

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i loooooove my silky smooth lines. unrelated, my arm just fell off

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this wip is saved as “HAAAAAAAAANDS.jpg” bc i got balthazar’s there right away and i’ve done nothing since but try to get the other two. that’s it. it’s taken 5x as long everything else in this pic so far

i literally just want to draw cass’ hand on top of balthazar’s, why is this so!!!!!! hard!!!!!!

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digitized an old pencil sketch so i could try out the colouring tips & tricks in this awesome post

i did use colours as a base instead of grayscale (below). i like them both, but i prefer some colour in his hair

~★~ follow for more soft destruction ~★~

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speaking of bk au: i originally had hannah in gibari’s place bc then she’d join the team fairly early on and i had just decided on jody for savyna

but honestly it works better the other way around. gibari was the dad friend anyways and while hannah isn’t as surly as savyna (i assume anyway), neither is jody, and that’s a characterization issue not a plot issue

i mean i already put cass in kalas’ place so

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link’s super cool abilities in botw are giving me an idea for an au about like, warriors who each have one unique ability centered around their weapon of choice

okay, i say “abilities” but i’ve only got one so far: imagine cass as an archer who can propel himself into the air on a gust of wind and then briefly slow down time around him while he fires

i just REALLY love the slomo mid air shooting okay

balthazar??? maybe like a swordsman who can perform a series of quick strikes and if he does it perfectly the final slash can cut through anything??

ugh i’m not good at this and i haven’t got hannah or anyone else yet

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70 gifs later i’m not even done yet ;__;

final count is 81, got some i don’t need but also missing some i do need, fingers crossed it doesn’t stick out too much in the fic


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