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fixed cassie up a bit. i almost forgot to add the details to his horns!

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(part one HERE)

Once you’ve crossed the Tanagar Canyon into the northwest of Hyrule, you’ve entered Rito territory. The temperate Tabantha region is their homestead, but they maintain the frigid Hebra mountains to the north as well.

Their largest village is quite vertical, the central roads built to wind around several enormous rock columns that rise out of Totori Lake. There are foot paths from the cliffs below for the sake of flightless travelers, but it’s a steep walk nonetheless

and unfortunately, horses do not hike, so Cass has to leave his at the stables below.

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oh my god, i actually got them into the same??? fucking shot without one (cass) being wildly out of proportion. it has literally been years

and it only took me all goddamn day

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also trying to figure out the most likely way he’d bathe, at home and on the road
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hey just for fun, who wants to brainstorm what kind of bones rito balthazar would have: birb, mammal, or both (if even possible)?

i’ve been reading about bird skeletons bc i thought, if bird boned, balthazar would be lighter and more fragile than cass but in fact! i am wrong on both counts!

bird bones are thinner (and rounder) than mammals’ BUT they are also much denser, making them stiffer and potentially stronger than ours

the higher density also closes the gap in weight, meaning cass & balthazar’s skeletons would weigh pretty much the same even if one is all mammal and the other all birb

i just wanna decide which one makes sense

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Well anyways, I’ve never had a proper Legend of Zelda AU before, just vague spinoffs based on aesthetics I love (like the Twilight Realm)

but I thought Balthazar would look amazing as the Rito Champion, striding along atop Vah Medoh.

Like Revali, he would’ve learned to control it quite quickly. He bonded with it, to a certain extent. Vah Medoh is named after Lady Medli, an ancient Rito Sage for whom they all have great respect. Some even credit Balthazar’s phenomenal aerial skills and uniquely powerful updrafts to his possibly being her descendant.

So when Ganon appears, challenging Balthazar with his own specialities, throwing him around and cutting off his escape with tornadoes, shooting him down over and over with ranged attacks–

…Balthazar understands.

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a rito’s wings are only fully unfurled in flight. at rest, they lie partially folded around the arms, which can make them seem small or cause them to be mistaken for fancy shirtsleeves

(wip, don’t rb)
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as with any large birb, a rito’s crest can indicate their mood, such as puffing up when they get angry

which cass thought would look hilarious, but is actually pretty intimidating

(wip, don’t rb)

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remember that writing prompts post that’s like “an immortal and a time traveler fall in love. wherever the time traveler ends up the immortal is there to bring them up to speed”

anyways balthazar’s the immortal and cass is the time traveler

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Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” for Balthazar’s first conduct, though.

you know what, grimes’ “realiti” also makes a pretty good second conduct for balthazar

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nnnnnnn god i’ve had the symphonia au in my head for days but i haven’t touched the game since may i’ve almost forgotten everything

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i know in the game this was more of a “lol lloyd can’t tell the difference” joke but

just imagine

the intense pleasure balthazar would get spending 25 years insisting to everyone in iselia with a completely straight face

that noishe is just an ordinary pet dog
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The dust has settled.

The dirt of the vast, arid expanse is soaked through with blood and strewn with heaps of steel and iron and pieces of the soldiers who wielded them as weapons.

Castiel’s body lays against the torn door of a transport, pinned by the long spear that pierced his chest. His head is fallen forward, hanging over a small, deep red puddle between his feet, although his blood has long stopped flowing.

Soft footfalls dare to disturb the battlefield, kicking up tiny spirals of dust as they approach.

“Oh, Cassie…”

Balthazar reaches out, laying a gentle hand on Cass’ still head.

He chuckles.

“What have you gotten yourself into?”

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actually, once they get on the road, balthazar starts to wonder why raphael needs a shield when, in actual combat, he seems to be able to repel attacks through sheer force of his “stoic badass” persona

it’s the glint in his eye

so the next time raphael brings up the shield in training balthazar just sighs loudly like,

“how about you teach me to defend myself just by being cool”

and raphael just raises his eyebrows for a long moment like, “you have a ways to go for that”

and then he actually starts laughing, and cass laughs, and naomi’s like, “was that a request or an insult, i can’t tell”
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endiness replied to your post “okay but Raphael asking Balthazar why he fights with twin swords…”

this is giving me even more feels taking the meaning of balthazar’s name into account


let me just pretend it means the same thing in ancient aselian or w/e goodbyeeeee
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okay but Raphael asking Balthazar why he fights with twin swords instead of sword and shield, wouldn’t that make him a better bodyguard for Cass?

“I am the shield,” says Balthazar.

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actually i think this the first AU i’ve had where i can keep the original chars’ last names and they don’t sound so bad, i mean

• raphael aurion
• castiel brunel
• hannah wilder
• claire combatir
• naomi sage
• even balthazar irving doesn’t sound half bad

only ambriel and uriel need new ones so far and not because they sound off hrmmmm

I do need a new name for cass’ dad though, bc “frank” lol no. also his mum who didn’t exist(??) in the game, pls help

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“Would stab with a butter knife if the opportunity presented itself”

is my favourite description of Kratos’ attitude towards Kvar.

but. there’s no one like that. for Raphael.

It’s fine, i mean, i realized Alistair makes a super Kvar (and Lilith for Pronyma maybe?) but


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