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digitized an old pencil sketch so i could try out the colouring tips & tricks in this awesome post

i did use colours as a base instead of grayscale (below). i like them both, but i prefer some colour in his hair

~★~ follow for more soft destruction ~★~

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speaking of bk au: i originally had hannah in gibari’s place bc then she’d join the team fairly early on and i had just decided on jody for savyna

but honestly it works better the other way around. gibari was the dad friend anyways and while hannah isn’t as surly as savyna (i assume anyway), neither is jody, and that’s a characterization issue not a plot issue

i mean i already put cass in kalas’ place so

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i’m totally enamoured w my xenoblade au atm, it’s very cute. noted and excitable archeologist balthazar meets the people he’s been studying his entire life, and they Like him

there may or may not be world saving involved, but more importantly,

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music makin me nostalgic for my deadman wonderland au, it’s like the worst source material ever (yeah i KNOW) but there’s a really relatable revenge story there if you’ve ever been institutionalized and medically abused

anyway my version’s better, hmu if you fucking despise deadman wonderland but relate deeply to shiro

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Once upon a time, a young knight slew his wicked king to protect his homeland.

As punishment, the king’s sorcerer cursed the young knight. He carved out the knight’s heart, and locked it in a box, to make him a prisoner for eternity.

One day…
          …a strange thief, who stole many things, made away with the box, and returned it to the young knight.

But the curse was not so easily broken.

        What will he do now?

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remember that writing prompts post that’s like “an immortal and a time traveler fall in love. wherever the time traveler ends up the immortal is there to bring them up to speed”

anyways balthazar’s the immortal and cass is the time traveler

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cass had never been to school by the time he met balthazar bc of his illness. if the body swap and physiotherapy and all went well his parents were hoping he’d start 3rd grade with the other kids his age

at any rate, they got pretty attached to balthazar in the hospital as cass’ first best friend, and he got to see cass’ cyberbrain before it was installed in his new body

afterwards, back in his room with mom&mum, balthazar gets distracted eating dinner, apparently trying to get his eyeballs to do a barrel roll

“what’re you doing” asks mom

“if i look backwards i can see my brain too”

“not quite, love” says mom, trying not to laugh “it’ll still be too dark in there”

“oh yeah”

so he grabs his toy flashlight and jams it against his nostrils like


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a ghost in the shell au about cass & balthazar escaping the american empire together

they’re childhood friends, they met in the hospital where cass got his first full prosthetic body, then lost contact a decade later when cass was forcibly recruited into public security by michael’s side of the family, bc no one makes a better cyber soldier than a full cyborg

and cass tries to not even think about balthazar until he’s become the best hacker on record next to michael, until he can meet with balthazar even in public with absolutely no trace of it recorded on any camera or in any cyberbrain

and he teaches him everything. balthazar has only minimal cyberbrain enhancements, and no protheses, and with cass’ instructions he just starts taking apart all traces of their existence, piece by piece

and michael catches on eventually, except he shot himself in the foot years ago, first by making cass disappear from the public record himself when he was “recruited,” second by outfitting him with a new mass-market shell. easy to blend in on the outside, and custom engineering on the inside to make him unique

but mass-market is mass-market, and if you’re good, if you’re really good, if you’re the second best cyber hacker in the country, you can reverse engineer the customization until you are completely indistinguishable from the other 750,000 of you in circulation

finally michael confronts cass in person, cass who now only barely exists as a mundane private citizen, and threatens balthazar instead. and cass just looks at him and frowns


because balthazar hasn’t just disappeared from the public record, he’s disappeared from cass’ too. as michael dives into cass’ brain for evidence, he finds all of his memories of balthazar have been overwritten. there was no other boy in the hospital, no classmate, no friend, no one

balthazar only exists as a name in michael’s head. cass could never hack michael, but he doesn’t need to. michael never spared a second thought for cass’ life. he has not a single memory of balthazar to make his case. he can’t even describe him

and cass walks away

encrypted fragments in his brain, none of them even a full sentence on their own, start popping up, telling him to turn, to keep going, and he just keeps walking, walking across the city, which does not record him passing, all the way to the airstrip

by the time he boards his plane, there was never a “castiel” to begin with

there’s a blond stranger in the seat next to him. once they’re in the air, the stranger plugs himself into a film, smiling, enjoying himself

cass is still nervous. michael’s word alone carries weight. as long as he knows cass exists, there’s always a risk

once they’ve crossed the border, the stranger turns to him and asks if he’s all right. cass smiles and deflects

“you look like you’re enjoying yourself”

the stranger offers cass a wire to share the film. cass accepts and plugs himself in

and suddenly
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Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” for Balthazar’s first conduct, though.

you know what, grimes’ “realiti” also makes a pretty good second conduct for balthazar

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nnnnnnn god i’ve had the symphonia au in my head for days but i haven’t touched the game since may i’ve almost forgotten everything

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like actually a xenoblade au would start with balthazar, hannah, and uriel of the colony 9 defence force being sent to the head of bionis to find the high entia, because mechonis has awoken and seems poised to strike bionis at any time, and if bionis even partially collapses it’ll be the people below the knees (ie the colonies) who are suddenly, uh, drowned

and the high entia are the ones rumoured to be able to awaken bionis in order to fight back so

but balthazar storms off in a huff at suddenly being ordered to climb to the top of the known fucking universe

so commander vandham or whoever is like, “guess he’s not going” and hannah’s like, “no he’s going, just watch”

she and uriel pop in on him later that night and balthazar’s on the floor furiously cramming his secret life’s worth of research on the high entia into his bags. like he’s been on the defence force instead of in research because it lets him travel further to find more artifacts and also is less conspicuous when he nicks them from the research division

and hannah’s like, “you can’t take everything”


so they spend the night divvying up all his shit to carry with balthazar snapping “no DON’T touch that!” at them every other minute
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definitely my favourite continent track. just amazing

if you don’t think this is the theme of a xenoblade crossover, you are wrong
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i know in the game this was more of a “lol lloyd can’t tell the difference” joke but

just imagine

the intense pleasure balthazar would get spending 25 years insisting to everyone in iselia with a completely straight face

that noishe is just an ordinary pet dog
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cass moves from his apartment into an onsite dorm in the runup to launch, and balthazar starts spending more and more time there

he’s supposed to be in the lab at nights recharging & shit so when he gets back after his first overnight stay at cass’ the devs r just like

“where the hell have you been???”

“sorry, guess i just forgot,” says balthazar entirely insincerely

“literally HOW did you forget?? you’re a computer you don’t even have a brain to forget WITH”

“sorry, guess i just forgot,” says balthazar, already out the door again

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naturally cass has to go through a battery of medical tests and boosts before launch. he’s pretty sure he’s had more blood drawn than is strictly legal at this point

balthazar starts meeting him after the appointments with refreshments and to walk him home. cass asks if he just happened to be around or what and balthazar explains that as cass’ only support during the mission he needs all kinds of supplemental software beyond a simple ai on legs

so much so that they’ve even had to upgrade his hardware to hold it all

“you’re not the only pincushion on site,” he jokes

“at least you don’t have to obsessively rehydrate every time,” cass gripes, angrily drinking his juice box

“no?” says balthazar, bending his arm & making fake squeaky noises

(actually a number of the additions are balthazar's own ideas based on his interactions with cass the devs look through cass' file like 'where are you getting this info??' 'i talk to him' says balthazar with subtle condescension 'wth we didn't program him that way' 'of course you didn't' says balthazar. 'but what makes you think i like you better than him?')

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balthazar’s base design and hardware is probably standard issue but his outer appearance and supplemental hardware are unique & new cause they’ve never used an android as a system’s ai before

cass is not pleased at first to hear he won’t actually be the only person on board, since that’s why he took the job, but when they meet before launch, balthazar is just so lowkey congenial and makes him laugh and knows how to scritch a cat’s chin just right

and thinking it over cass decides it IS less disconcerting for the ship’s built-in ai to have a face he can talk to

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for the record, an android!balthazar au is probably about scientist cass taking a job alone on a space station/ship or smth, bc getting away from the loud world for a couple years sounds like a dream

so he moves in w/ some pets and balthazar the android who doubles as the ship’s ai probably

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balthazar was worried about the impending clash between cass’ Real Official medical knowledge and his average client’s “whatever might work” approach to health care

but for the most part cass is just amazed at the way humans have adapted

most days, as he and balthazar drive off, he can talk for hours about the sheer ingenuity of it all, he’s so impressed

but some days he just gets back in the van like, “JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN MUSH IT UP DOES NOT MAKE IT BABY FOOD”
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cass doesn’t wear gloves or his hat & scarf combo except in front of balthazar’s clients

they went through all the clothes balthazar had and put together about 3 different outfits for cass, based on the season. it’s the bare minimum of course, since it’s not like cass actually needs clothes to stay clean or warm, but he does need to look sufficiently bundled

combined with his ransacking of balthazar’s goods for anything he can use as medical supplies, there is now a duffel in the van that is exclusively Cass’ Things, and he is very pleased with it
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although cass is highly adaptable, he naturally has programmed defaults that often conflict with life as balthazar knows it. cass teaches him the phrase “culture clash,” and balthazar loves to hear the details of every one

but if there’s one thing cass can’t really explain, it’s physical contact

like. literally any physical contact

balthazar hadn’t really stopped to think about it, but, when asked, estimates he probably hasn’t touched another person’s skin in about a decade

much of it is just practical; traveling out in the windy, dusty wilderness, he’s always wearing multiple layers, including a shawl and gloves. he deals with some people who wear gas masks 24/7. nobody wants to get particularly close to anybody else, especially with the scarcity of medicine

for someone like him, who doesn’t live in a city, or commune, or some other relatively large, permanent human settlement, there’re really only a couple reasons you would ever be touching another person

1. they’re family (blood or otherwise)

2. you’re going to get laid

cass isn’t family (he doesn’t even have blood), which leaves seduction (highly unlikely)

(”…right?” “right”)

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