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“Welcome back,” the Director motions 163 to the seat in front of his desk as he speaks. “Between you and 99, our completion rate has jumped 13%.”

“Thank you, sir,” 163 crosses his legs with a small, proud smirk, which the Director promptly returns.

“We’ve been watching your time trials.” The Director leans back in his seat for a long moment, studying 163 carefully as though sizing him up, then abruptly straightens.

“Agent 163, congratulations,” he says, “the board and I have promoted you to Rank 2. From now on, you’re on doubles.”

“With 99?” asks 163 straightaway.

“No, not her,” the Director surprises him. There’s no one else who can match up, 163 knows. “Listen-”

With a flick of his hand, 163’s file is projected between them.

“Your statistics have shown us a potential for growth we hadn’t expected for years,” says the Director, his eyes following the graph. “With your data, the board and I have decided on an…experimental course of action for our 600th unit.”

“You don’t mean-”

The Director nods once, emphatic. “We’re birthing a new agent directly into Rank 2, using your genetic data. If this works, agent, you’ll be the new code for the entire Rank 2 line.”

“And agent 600…will be my partner?” 163 asks, stunned.

“That’s right,” says the Director solemnly. “Make us proud.”

“I will, sir,” 163 assures him.

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