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“You…!” Castiel said, staring at the thief. “I know you…”

Renaissance Calthazar AU WIP: Castiel

Posting this now ‘cause I finished it two and a half weeks ago, before getting floored by a flare-up. Now Balthazar’s taking me forever, since I can’t draw most poses to save my life. His head looks great, though; I’m slowly getting better at facial expressions, so that’s something.

Incidentally, Castiel here is a conte, or count.

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Balthazar: France, late 1700s // Castiel: Italy, late 1400s

(Hairstyles not included.)

I like to pretend that my historical AUs have some noble purpose, like: “Something very interesting happened then, let’s add these losers into the mix.”

I finally have to admit that it’s more like: “Wow, that’s a nice hat! Wear it, loser.”

Basically, I love period fashion, and if I can’t wear it, I’ll make sure someone does. Guess who’s always handy (and handsome)?

(But then I realized that whatever the time period, they’re just going to be naked in ten minutes anyways, and I’m left standing over the bed like:

Wear the hat.”)


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