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cass moves from his apartment into an onsite dorm in the runup to launch, and balthazar starts spending more and more time there

he’s supposed to be in the lab at nights recharging & shit so when he gets back after his first overnight stay at cass’ the devs r just like

“where the hell have you been???”

“sorry, guess i just forgot,” says balthazar entirely insincerely

“literally HOW did you forget?? you’re a computer you don’t even have a brain to forget WITH”

“sorry, guess i just forgot,” says balthazar, already out the door again

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naturally cass has to go through a battery of medical tests and boosts before launch. he’s pretty sure he’s had more blood drawn than is strictly legal at this point

balthazar starts meeting him after the appointments with refreshments and to walk him home. cass asks if he just happened to be around or what and balthazar explains that as cass’ only support during the mission he needs all kinds of supplemental software beyond a simple ai on legs

so much so that they’ve even had to upgrade his hardware to hold it all

“you’re not the only pincushion on site,” he jokes

“at least you don’t have to obsessively rehydrate every time,” cass gripes, angrily drinking his juice box

“no?” says balthazar, bending his arm & making fake squeaky noises

(actually a number of the additions are balthazar's own ideas based on his interactions with cass the devs look through cass' file like 'where are you getting this info??' 'i talk to him' says balthazar with subtle condescension 'wth we didn't program him that way' 'of course you didn't' says balthazar. 'but what makes you think i like you better than him?')

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balthazar’s base design and hardware is probably standard issue but his outer appearance and supplemental hardware are unique & new cause they’ve never used an android as a system’s ai before

cass is not pleased at first to hear he won’t actually be the only person on board, since that’s why he took the job, but when they meet before launch, balthazar is just so lowkey congenial and makes him laugh and knows how to scritch a cat’s chin just right

and thinking it over cass decides it IS less disconcerting for the ship’s built-in ai to have a face he can talk to

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for the record, an android!balthazar au is probably about scientist cass taking a job alone on a space station/ship or smth, bc getting away from the loud world for a couple years sounds like a dream

so he moves in w/ some pets and balthazar the android who doubles as the ship’s ai probably


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