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digitized an old pencil sketch so i could try out the colouring tips & tricks in this awesome post

i did use colours as a base instead of grayscale (below). i like them both, but i prefer some colour in his hair

~★~ follow for more soft destruction ~★~

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Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” for Balthazar’s first conduct, though.

you know what, grimes’ “realiti” also makes a pretty good second conduct for balthazar

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lol it’s been months and i still can’t decide if hat and crown or just crown
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i’m all the way back in stella glow au mode, that’s for sure. thinking about writing the prologue as a proper chapter, except that the problem with writing something like this rather than showing is that i’d have to describe a lot of balthazar’s expressions and tones of voice in a way that make it really obvious that Something Is Not What It Seems (as opposed to visual, where the reader could interpret faces etc for themselves)

but like on the other hand, no one would ever read anything of mine and assume balthazar was the Real Villain of the piece anyways, so like. who cares   
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Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” for Balthazar’s first conduct, though.


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