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oh my god, i actually got them into the same??? fucking shot without one (cass) being wildly out of proportion. it has literally been years

and it only took me all goddamn day

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link’s super cool abilities in botw are giving me an idea for an au about like, warriors who each have one unique ability centered around their weapon of choice

okay, i say “abilities” but i’ve only got one so far: imagine cass as an archer who can propel himself into the air on a gust of wind and then briefly slow down time around him while he fires

i just REALLY love the slomo mid air shooting okay

balthazar??? maybe like a swordsman who can perform a series of quick strikes and if he does it perfectly the final slash can cut through anything??

ugh i’m not good at this and i haven’t got hannah or anyone else yet

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remember that writing prompts post that’s like “an immortal and a time traveler fall in love. wherever the time traveler ends up the immortal is there to bring them up to speed”

anyways balthazar’s the immortal and cass is the time traveler

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in every story where the hero, or the villain, or the mystic guide has been sealed up for like 1000 years, how come the tomb or w/e gets opened and they get out and they’re just like…….completely fucking fine and ready to go, no trauma, no claustrophobia, no fear of the dark or nightmares or anything

like who writes this shit??

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The dust has settled.

The dirt of the vast, arid expanse is soaked through with blood and strewn with heaps of steel and iron and pieces of the soldiers who wielded them as weapons.

Castiel’s body lays against the torn door of a transport, pinned by the long spear that pierced his chest. His head is fallen forward, hanging over a small, deep red puddle between his feet, although his blood has long stopped flowing.

Soft footfalls dare to disturb the battlefield, kicking up tiny spirals of dust as they approach.

“Oh, Cassie…”

Balthazar reaches out, laying a gentle hand on Cass’ still head.

He chuckles.

“What have you gotten yourself into?”

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