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Ten seconds left on the clock.

Cass and Balthazar are the only ones remaining, the ball safely in Cass’ hands. One last pass and Balthazar’s life will be saved.

Three seconds left, and the floor disappears under Cass’ feet, sending him into the pit.

“Balthazar, catch!” Triumphant smile on his face, he makes the final pass as he falls.

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i was rereading the end of deadman wonderland (bc i hate myself obv) and a really neat scene that i thought was in the original manga, was actually something i came up with?

anyways it’s been a shitty, shitty day, but i feel a little bit clever now so

two things actually, what fuck

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“Does it always get this hot?” Cass wrinkles his nose.

“Only if you’re wearing a sweater,” Balthazar doesn’t look up from the boiling pot.

“You’re sweating.”

“Well, it’s worth it.”

“If I got that hot even cooking my meal,” Cass observes distastefully, “I wouldn’t be able to stomach eating it, too. I need an ice cream just watching you.”

“If you made your ice cream,” Balthazar smirks, “you’d be too cold to eat it.”

“I’m wearing a sweater.”

Balthazar looks up at Cass. “Do you want to make ice cream?”

Maybe, thinks Balthazar, he’s finally caught Cass’ interest.

Cass slowly tilts his head as he mulls it over, his heels gently tapping the cupboard under the counter he’s perched on.Read more... )
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There’s no light from under the door when Balthazar returns, so he slips inside as quietly as possible.

Cass is a perfect lump under the covers, only his hands and the top of his head visible, even when Balthazar flicks on the desk lamp. He can spy just a hint of the sleeve of Cass’ new pyjamas, the ones they picked out of the catalogue, not technically a matching set with Balthazar’s, but touchingly close.

Balthazar smiles fondly.

Then blinks.

As he climbs into bed, he can tell for sure.

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music makin me nostalgic for my deadman wonderland au, it’s like the worst source material ever (yeah i KNOW) but there’s a really relatable revenge story there if you’ve ever been institutionalized and medically abused

anyway my version’s better, hmu if you fucking despise deadman wonderland but relate deeply to shiro


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