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The rules are as follows: go to page 7 of a WIP, skip to the 7th line, share 7 lines (or however much you want) and tag 7 more writers to continue the challenge.

I was tagged by @ariasune! Thanks! I…don’t know seven writers, so I’m tagging anyone who wants to share a WIP!

Duo chuckled. “The exit’s in the bedroom, end of the hall. Locked, obviously. If you’re gonna stay here, at least have a look around, yeah?”

“I am looking,” he insisted distractedly, earning another tinkling laugh. Duo continued on through the door, leaving Balthazar to his wonderment.

He couldn’t help himself. With no one else present, he stepped around the table and collapsed, with a sigh of exhaustion, onto the plush, pale green sofa.

This wasn’t idleness, Balthazar told himself. He was thinking. Thinking about himself and Castiel, as abruptly reunited as they’d been separated, and whether it could even conceivably be coincidence they were both here.

True, it was possible, but barely. More likely, none of them had been selected entirely at random. Perhaps this was coercion.

If we give them enough information, they could go after our families, use them to force us to behave,” Seven had said.

Zero might as well have taken Balthazar’s family. Nine years had diminished nothing of his feelings for Castiel, and he could only hope, from their reunion on the stairs, from Castiel’s warm smile, that Balthazar was still, at the very least, his good friend, too.

From Ch.2 of the 999!AU.


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