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~end of May, end of May~

goodbye, only month of my calthazar calendar with the winchesters on it~
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It’d be less rushed if I’d had more than 3 weeks to learn Photoshop, cap everything, and put it all together, but here it is!

Title credit goes, of course, to Mjolkk’s  Calthazar playlist, which continues to haunt me. The only other real contender was “Year of Us,” SHINee’s 2009 EP.

I cheated slightly on December because a) that’s too much tragedy for a whole month, and b) actually, I tried, but the extreme close-ups just looked silly. I got a perfect shot of Cass saying “I’ll always have you,” too, save for the absurd zoom.

I hadn’t noticed until I made this, but Balthazar looks like he’s tearing up right after he says “little old me.” Ouch.

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Literally my first ever edits! I’m taking crash courses in EVERYTHING Photoshop as I go, but hell, there’s no better motivator than Calthazar.

These’re gonna be February and March on my calendar. I did them first cause I fucked up January and now I have to retake some screencaps that were really!!! hard!!! to get!!! in the first place.
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Can’t believe it’s almost 2016 and I’m only making my first Calthazar calendar.

Haven’t got any edits of my own and I’m not just gonna yoink other peoples’, so I’m doing a screencap theme of them looking at each other (worth it just for Balthazar’s smile), and then whatever else will fill up 12 photos (+ cover).

Wish I could search just photo posts in my blog’s calthazar tag. Gonna have to cap it all myself; I have no idea how to spruce them up in PS, and none of the big sites that cap the show for fan use are exactly Calthazar-focused.

Gonna be some work, but oh well.

2016 Year of Calthazar*, GO!

#*MORE calthazar that is


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