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y’know when you have an AU that’s less an AU and more an aesthetic? like, costumes from [x], scenery from [y], technology from another thing and that one cutscene from your favourite video game

like, “i could make you an amazing music video about this but i can’t tell you what the fuck’s going on”

well i had this vaguely final fantasy one ever since i heard “theme of the empire,” “defiers of fate,” and the theme from ff xi

and now that i’ve heard “answers” i’ve mashed it all into that vague crystalguard AU i mentioned with “answers” as the definitive theme song like woah

anyways, go listen to it, it’s time out of your life not wasted, and maybe some day i’ll have a real plot for all this
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Years ago, Castiel and Balthazar helped to save the world, and Castiel’s soul was split from his body.

Balthazar still visits him, sitting with his body in stasis…

    …and with his soul in the Crystalream, where Castiel now keeps watch.

my new au aesthetic is partly inspired by tiz in bravely second. unlike tiz, though, cass did it on purpose

more like tiz, i’m sure some impending disaster will reanimate him before too long


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