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Now I’m curious: What was Jimmy’s role?

((Sorry, I made that last post at 3.30am and I really had to get to sleep.))

This is only the second time I’ve done the “Cass and Jimmy are twins” thing in an AU, but I felt like it worked. (Castiel’s birth name is probably something just as common as “James,” but he chose “Castiel” during his childhood special interest in angelology. For years, Jimmy was the only one who called him that.)

Jimmy’s still in shock that Cass is actually in prison now. He wants to blame Balthazar, because he desperately doesn’t want to blame Cass, but he knows Balthazar has little to do with Cass’ activism and probably tried to convince him not to do whatever it was that got him arrested.

More than anything, Jimmy (and Cass (and Balthazar)) is upset that now Cass is sure to miss a number of his baby niece’s milestones, like her first steps and first words.

He’ll get over being upset at Balthazar pretty quickly, and then he’ll start to feel awkwardly jealous, because at least Balthazar is with Cass. Jimmy and Cass still have nights in together, now they can’t even have a private conversation.

(On a related note, when Cass and Jimmy have their nights in, Balthazar and Amelia (usually with Claire) tend to hang out and do things Cass and Jimmy wouldn’t approve of, like marathon Game of Thrones, or get dressed up, go to nice romantic restaurants, and pretend they’re having an affair as they make ambiguous statements to each other over wine like, “I love that you’re so good with the baby,” or, later, “I’m so glad you’re finally out of prison.” The other diners get hilariously indignant, but never speak up.)

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Castiel doesn’t even spot him until orientation. He’s stunned, and angry. Without saying a word, Balthazar leads him down the halls to the laundry, private under the roar of the industrial washers.

Propping himself up on the edge of the table, Balthazar offers a warm, easy smile that Castiel doesn’t return.

“How did this happen?”

Spreading his hands, Balthazar shrugs. “A perjury charge, of course.”

“You should have known I wouldn’t lie,” Castiel says, a little sadly. “That was a terrible plan.”

“I figured it could end one of three ways,” Balthazar starts. “One, we both lied and were both charged. Two, we both lied and got off. Or, three, I lied, you told the truth, as is your wont, and we were both charged…albeit on rather different counts.”

Beckoning Castiel closer, Balthazar helps him onto the table by his side and wraps an arm around his shoulders. “Admittedly, this isn’t exactly what I had in mind. But, darling, the important thing is that we’re here together.”

“Until you’re released long before I am,” Castiel murmurs, still doubtful. “What then?”

“Then it’s only a matter of weeks before your first chance at parole,” Balthazar says cheerfully. “You and I are going to stay well out of trouble, and Naomi will make sure you get out at the first opportunity.” He stretches an arm out theatrically. “Then it’s off to France, where we’ll be married and live in the countryside! They’ll never hand you over!”

“That’s just gratuitously illegal.” Castiel pauses. “Did Naomi know about your ‘plan’?”

Balthazar hesitates before answering. “I’m sorry, Cassie… I thought if either of you knew, I’d never make it to the stand at all. I am truly sorry; I never meant to upset you so.”

They sit in silence for a long moment, leaning on each other, Castiel’s head on Balthazar’s shoulder. Castiel speaks up quietly.

“I’m sorry, too. I’m…glad you’re here.”

Balthazar smiles softly.

“Everything’s going to be fine, dove. I promise.”

#naomi is their lawyer     #you know cass is some sort of activist who was arrested at a rally or something


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