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anna stops by one day. balthazar is up and about, so what’s with the lump under the bed blanket? she lifts up the corner to investigate, and there they are:

every last piece of cutlery balthazar owns, in a heap

and cass, so smug, so proud, asleep on top of it. he worked very hard thank you to get it all here, and he is not happy to be woken from his well-deserved nap

“you dare disturb the tiny king of shinytown?” balthazar asks wryly as he walks by

“i don’t get it,” says anna later. “why doesn’t he just make a home inside the cutlery drawer? then he wouldn’t have to carry it around at all”

“yes, but he can’t very well close the drawer with himself inside, can he?” balthazar answer. “it’s not secure”

technically, neither is the open fireplace, but for some reason, no one but cass will stick a hand in there, so
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Calthazar AU | Dragon (1.3k expanded intro)

    ↳ (based on this adorable post) Balthazar finds a baby dragon abandoned in the woods.

Imagine dragons that can shapeshift from late adolescence (age ~5 - 8 in people years), frequently with distinctive tells such as slit pupils or pointed ears.

Imagine Balthazar, schlepping it home in heavy rain to ye olde remote low fantasy village, stumbling and landing (cutting his hand, thank you very much) on what turns out to be a shattered dragon egg.

There is a newborn dragon nearby to boot (although not so much “born” as “violently hurled into the merciless jaws of life”), frozen and mostly drowned inside a hollow log full of rainwater.

Balthazar doesn’t realize until he gets home with the baby that if it does turn out to be 100% dead, he and his extremely flammable village might take the blame, fair or otherwise, but thankfully the baby revives once Balthazar has a nice fire going.

Unlike his sorry, soppy ass, it hops right in and hunkers down while Balthazar peels off his soaked clothes, trying to get all his parts warm at once. “You lucky little…”

After a few minutes, he even thinks the baby might be laughing at him. It starts mimicking his twisting in place, complete with breathy little huffs of frustration.

“Oh, come on now,” Balthazar grumbles. The baby seems to take pity on him, and huffs a teeny flame at Balthazar. Good intentions aside…

“Ah—fuck—ow ow OW!”

Then it begs for food.

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