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naomi and fuck mcmichael comin along well enough i suppose

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Balthazar straightened up as well, but a sizzling sound from just behind him caught his attention.

Cass had lain his frozen pork prize on the grill and was contentedly cooking it, turning it over with the handle of a ladle he had snatched from the nearby stand.

“I still don’t think we’ll be able to pull the paper out,” he told Balthazar. “We just need to be able to cut the meat a little.”

“Cut… ah-” Balthazar retrieved the large knife from the table by the entrance and approached Lotus and Santa.

“We need to sharpen this,” he explained. “Any ideas?”

Lotus glanced down at the counter in between them.

“Isn’t that a whetstone right there?”

“What do you do that you recognize a whetstone on sight?” Santa asked for both of them. Lotus smirked at her before offering the block to Balthazar.

“Do you know how to use it?”

Balthazar shook his head and handed her the rusty knife. Skillful and efficient, the drew the knife over and over across the stone, grinding the rust away bit by bit.

“This is still old,” she said as she finished, “but you could cut something soft with it, I’m sure.”

“Like undercooked pork?” he asked. Lotus gave him a curious look, then followed his gaze to Castiel, waving them over to the grill.

“Watch your fingers,” he warned, gently gripping the tag as Balthazar cut through the meat.

rereading part 2 chaps and “frozen pork prize” is still my favourite line
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i just need a vid of naomi in her office with cass or whoever, and as soon as he opens his mouth she gets up on her desk and sings “whatever it is, i’m against it”
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Immediately to their right was a low desk holding a flatscreen monitor and a keyboard and mouse, none of which reacted when prodded.

“There’s no power cable attached,” Lotus told him.

“Actually, there’s no computer either,” said Balthazar after a glance under the desk.

“I believe it’s a wireless display,” Lotus offered. Balthazar hummed in response, as though greatly impressed.

“A vintage 1912 wireless monitor!” he cooed. “Truly, the Queen of the Ocean.”

He was surprised to hear Lotus actually laugh.

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actually, once they get on the road, balthazar starts to wonder why raphael needs a shield when, in actual combat, he seems to be able to repel attacks through sheer force of his “stoic badass” persona

it’s the glint in his eye

so the next time raphael brings up the shield in training balthazar just sighs loudly like,

“how about you teach me to defend myself just by being cool”

and raphael just raises his eyebrows for a long moment like, “you have a ways to go for that”

and then he actually starts laughing, and cass laughs, and naomi’s like, “was that a request or an insult, i can’t tell”
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actually i think this the first AU i’ve had where i can keep the original chars’ last names and they don’t sound so bad, i mean

• raphael aurion
• castiel brunel
• hannah wilder
• claire combatir
• naomi sage
• even balthazar irving doesn’t sound half bad

only ambriel and uriel need new ones so far and not because they sound off hrmmmm

I do need a new name for cass’ dad though, bc “frank” lol no. also his mum who didn’t exist(??) in the game, pls help

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right, so, tales of symphonia au.

i’ve kind of mashed genis & lloyd into one character who is now balthazar. i haven’t finished the game yet, so i hope that holds up.

cass is collette obv

naomi is raine, but she’s not from iselia, she’s prob a professor hired from palmacosta academy or something along with

raphael, who is kratos, duh. a mercenary who was deliberately hired beforehand by the village to escort cass.

ftr, i just reached ozette for the first time, or rather, i’m just leaving for the first time, bout to head to altessa’s place.

the tethe’alla gang is giving me more trouble, like

i think hannah makes a good sheena? and claire for presea probably?

but who is zelos? and regal? and like all of the villains, i really don’t know…

too many people. maybe i’m in over my head but the story has so much potential? it’s like stelglow that way

also, what’s a good, non-appropriative alternative for “mana”?
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Castiel doesn’t even spot him until orientation. He’s stunned, and angry. Without saying a word, Balthazar leads him down the halls to the laundry, private under the roar of the industrial washers.

Propping himself up on the edge of the table, Balthazar offers a warm, easy smile that Castiel doesn’t return.

“How did this happen?”

Spreading his hands, Balthazar shrugs. “A perjury charge, of course.”

“You should have known I wouldn’t lie,” Castiel says, a little sadly. “That was a terrible plan.”

“I figured it could end one of three ways,” Balthazar starts. “One, we both lied and were both charged. Two, we both lied and got off. Or, three, I lied, you told the truth, as is your wont, and we were both charged…albeit on rather different counts.”

Beckoning Castiel closer, Balthazar helps him onto the table by his side and wraps an arm around his shoulders. “Admittedly, this isn’t exactly what I had in mind. But, darling, the important thing is that we’re here together.”

“Until you’re released long before I am,” Castiel murmurs, still doubtful. “What then?”

“Then it’s only a matter of weeks before your first chance at parole,” Balthazar says cheerfully. “You and I are going to stay well out of trouble, and Naomi will make sure you get out at the first opportunity.” He stretches an arm out theatrically. “Then it’s off to France, where we’ll be married and live in the countryside! They’ll never hand you over!”

“That’s just gratuitously illegal.” Castiel pauses. “Did Naomi know about your ‘plan’?”

Balthazar hesitates before answering. “I’m sorry, Cassie… I thought if either of you knew, I’d never make it to the stand at all. I am truly sorry; I never meant to upset you so.”

They sit in silence for a long moment, leaning on each other, Castiel’s head on Balthazar’s shoulder. Castiel speaks up quietly.

“I’m sorry, too. I’m…glad you’re here.”

Balthazar smiles softly.

“Everything’s going to be fine, dove. I promise.”

#naomi is their lawyer     #you know cass is some sort of activist who was arrested at a rally or something
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It’s been a long day.

Naomi had to take a detour across town to pick Castiel up from school after he had a(nother) meltdown, which his teacher (and the principal) informed her was “unacceptable.”

They were, of course, also a little bitter that, in the end, it was Balthazar who saved the day by lending Castiel his discman to soothe himself with.

Now they’re waiting for the bus, Castiel and Balthazar still joined ear-to-ear (as well as hand-in-hand). Naomi’s just grateful that Balthazar’s parents are going to be taking both boys out for dinner.


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