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it’s only a few days before balthazar gets a frantic call from his mum, on account of his parents getting a call from his former bosses when they couldn’t locate him

he sort of looks at cass helplessly, like he could make this go away too (he does know balthazar’s parents just as well now)

cass just looks up from sorting his new record collection on the living room floor and unhelpfully mouths “oops” at him

balthazar does manage to convince his parents that it was all a mean-spirited prank or something

hey, who are they gonna trust? him, or the US government?

as soon as he puts down the phone, cass laughs.

just once. he cuts it off, but because they share those memories now balthazar knows exactly what he was thinking

imagine the agent calling his parents again, and getting a good old fashioned mum scolding for playing such a nasty trick
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balthazar is, naturally, curious as to why cass picked the term “angel” to describe himself when he landed on earth. he wonders if it might be like the first “thor” movie; that maybe cass’ people had direct contact with humanity long ago, that they might be the origin of the idea of angels and/or similar beings

cass seems to indicate that, when absorbing the memories of the first people he encountered, he picked the words that best described him, like angel, and went from there. he will neither confirm nor deny the thor theory

“god,” at least, seems to mean the exact same to him as to balthazar. balthazar was awfully concerned when cass first referred to god as “my Father,” but it wasn’t that dire. watching television, cass learned that “fathers” know all and know best. they’re stern and often distant, but they’re decisive and they’re in charge and they always know exactly what you should do. they can always steer you back on the right path when you’ve strayed, and they really love you after all.

he refers to the ones he calls “archangels” as his “elder brothers” for largely the same reasons.

balthazar just “HRMMMM”s very loudly.
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balthazar does manage to drag himself out of bed the next day, if only to avoid being eventually disturbed when he’s not expecting it

cass is already in the kitchen, setting up a very nice breakfast. balthazar sits down and does try to eat. cass smiles at him but doesn’t say anything.

it’s uncomfortable as hell

partway through picking at his plate, balthazar puts his fork down and awkwardly lays his hands on the table

“you don’t know what it’s like,” he just kind of sighs, very softly

“i do”

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cass’ power certainly extends beyond interior decorating. there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot he can’t do with a halfway decent computer, like possibly absorbing the entire internet (once he was done with balthazar’s book collection)

balthazar thinks he should perhaps muster some concern, or sense of planetary responsibility (or at least enough good humour to start calling cass “freakazoid”)

he’s still worried about the impending crash of grief and depression with nothing to stave it off anymore, but after a few days cass’ apparent total control over form and matter on earth (or “this dimension,” as he puts it) actually starts to grab balthazar’s interest

professionally, of course. he is an astrophysicist

rather to his surprise, cass is actually more than happy to explain the physics behind his abilities (or at least just to talk). he gets really animated, pacing all around the living room while balthazar listens, almost enraptured at the novelty and complexity of it all

until he pops the question of why, given everything cass can do, he can’t raise the dead

and it really is just an innocent question. from a physics perspective, cass should be able to, so balthazar is expecting an answer relating to, say, the soul, or something suitably otherworldly

but cass just freezes like a deer in headlights, looking stricken

and balthazar’s mouth goes completely dry

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cass asks balthazar if he’s going to unpack this time

he didn’t do it in his first apartment. he hadn’t even really planned on bringing anything to america in the first place, but his parents were so worried he opted to at least pretend he was planning to have a life

one day he’s on his way out when cass offers to unpack for him. balthazar just shrugs, not like it makes any difference

but cass didn’t just mean unpack, apparently. he meant transform

the living room, when balthazar walks in again, is downright cozy. his secondhand sofa looks brand new, and all his movies and cds are snugly arranged around his tv and stereo.

the spare bedroom, which cass had apparently not jokingly deemed “the study” has all of his books arranged dewey decimal-style

the kitchen actually has all-new paneling, not to mention sustenance other than liquor (which has itself been neatly organized by type)

even his bedroom actually looks like he lives in it now

and he wasn’t even gone 20 minutes

he’s not even sure cass actually technically moved at all

balthazar pokes his head in cass’ bedroom to mumble a rather stunned “thank you,” and cass just smiles, still endlessly sorting his collection of microchips
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cass & balthazar may have left town, but they haven’t gone far. they don’t need to. no one who comes looking is going to find them. their new place is rather like hogwarts, thanks to cass; if you’re not in on the magic, you just…don’t notice it

which suits balthazar just fine. he just hunkers down in his room with his unpacked boxes and something to drink

he’s really not sure how to feel about being out of work. it’s not like he wants to drag himself there without cass there to talk to, but…he was using it as a very necessary distraction. now what?

cass, meanwhile, is a very busy bee. balthazar doesn’t even notice at first, until he happens to peek into cass’ room and it’s just

full of electronics

there’s a big tv on the wall, a desktop computer, several laptops and radios all over the floor and just. too many wires, absolutely everywhere

when asked, he claims he “made” them all, but he won’t say what they’re for
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“what’s hanging on balthazar’s necklace: alien!au edition”

a plain silver ring, identical to the one on balthazar’s hand, but never worn. it would have been an engagement ring.

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Far From Home

G | 1.9k

A meteorite gathered from the desert claims sentience and declares itself an angel.

Confined underground, Castiel seeks to escape and complete his mission by making a deal, and there is only one thing Balthazar wants.

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how do you draw bedhead on someone whose hair is always like that?
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Calthazar AU WIP

What is Cass building up there?

Well, he offered to build Balthazar a new laptop, but he may or may not have got caught up in the excitement and accidentally built a supercomputer far beyond the capabilities of anything on Earth to date.

Balthazar decides to go through with it just to see the result. Cass pokes his head out of the “office” one day, rather sheepishly. He’d had it closed off like a personal laboratory, so as not to “ruin the surprise.“

“I just realized…you probably wanted something portable?”

What he’s actually built barely fits on the desk, but it’s absolutely gorgeous, a BMW of home electronics.

“I suppose…” Balthazar muses faintly, “…it would be wrong to lick it.”

“I can still make you a laptop,” Cass promises, “but, um, do you want me to get rid of this one?”

“Just promise me you can’t use it to contact your space elders,” Balthazar murmurs, still awed.

(Hello again, digital art, my old nemesis. At least I had some hand sketches as a base, but…it only gets worse from here.)


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