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so i finished reading the baten kaitos lp and…………..i truly did not realize how much i’d forgotten about the story. i feel terrible cause it’s an all time fave but then again, i’ve only ever played it all the way through once (it’s VERY long)

anyways point being my character placement is all screwed up now lmao

like just for one example i remembered not one but TWO characters as dying who do not, in fact, die at all


which is great bc their deaths were pointless and i was gonna rewrite that, but then why did i think they died in the first place??

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speaking of bk au: i originally had hannah in gibari’s place bc then she’d join the team fairly early on and i had just decided on jody for savyna

but honestly it works better the other way around. gibari was the dad friend anyways and while hannah isn’t as surly as savyna (i assume anyway), neither is jody, and that’s a characterization issue not a plot issue

i mean i already put cass in kalas’ place so

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Here’s for you, Magic!Anon:

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles AU

To protect themselves from the toxic miasma that covers the world, every city, village, and settlement uses the power of crystals to create a barrier between the people and the plague. Every year, brave travelers set out in caravans for the dangerous task of harvesting myrrh, the crystals’ liquid power source, from the myrrh trees that grow in wildlands inhabited by monsters.

Together with skilled friends, the mage Castiel and the swordsman Balthazar set out on their first crystal caravan journey into the wider world outside their village.

Baten Kaitos AU

While tracking intruders in the sacred forest outside their adopted home village, Castiel and Balthazar accidentally release the first so-called “End Magnus,” which is quickly stolen by Crowley, a powerful agent of the Alfard Empire.

Giving chase across the islands that form their world, floating high above a long-poisoned Earth, they discover that the five End Magnus comprise the body and soul of the ancient God of Destruction. Castiel, Balthazar, and the allies they make across the nations must find the other End Magnus before the Empire does, if they are to prevent the God’s resurrection…and enable Castiel to take revenge on the man who killed his family.

(My one concept art piece here.)

I narrowed it down as close to wands & wizards-style magic that I could, but I apologize that this is all I’ve got. Let me know if a different style of magic would interest you more. I’m pretty sure most of my crossovers/AUs are in some way mystical.


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